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Note to readers of this Recipes page

by Joseph W. Carpenter, October 6, 2006

Technical data FYI : This "program" is similar to the form used to send Email to the Webmaster. However, instead of submitting data to an Email address, it submits the data to a database. This Recipe Book is a free, online, community-built recipe book. The program contains everything you need to submit recipes and everything your administrator needs to administer the recipes. When a visitor submits a recipe, the recipe is added to a database and awaits approval from the administrator before being added to the public site.

The recipe program was created as a free resource by My-Health-and-Fitness.org, which is another web site " built and maintained by a small group of individuals interested in creating a health-related web site." I adapted the program for use with this web site, and may customize it further to meet our specific needs.

There is also a "Captcha" validation to prevent automated entries into the recipe book. Reading that funny looking image and then typing the code into the form is an action that is all but impossible for a machine to perform. Captcha security tricks are intended to block spambots from junking up the database with phony entries. I also find that sometimes they are difficult for human eyes to read, so I will work to improve that function over time.

I will keep looking for a more polished interface and one that will allow more organization. I like this one because it is beautiful by virtue of its simplicity. -- JWC

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