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Note to Reviewers of this Articles page

by Joseph W. Carpenter, September 25, 2006

I will be able to post multiple articles in my Google Docs account, and publish them here. The text editor in Google Docs is very nice, and allows for anyone to help edit an article. Send me your text and I will post in in the Google Docs.

To publish an article on this website, any family member can submit their text via Email attachment. Usually any text format will be fine. I will convert it and clean up the formatting before posting it to Google Docs. When I invite you to collaborate, you then can edit your own text online until you are satisfied it is ready for publication.

Finally, when an article in in finished form, I can publish it and link to the published version in the website here. This will make navigation between numerous articles possible, and also speed up the production of articles because I can share the labor. Google Docs also uses controls very similar to most word processors, so it is simple to use.

I will prefer to post the articles myself, then invite the authors. This procedure will allow me to retain control of the editorial content that appears in the website, while also allowing the individual authors to retain authoring capabilities of their work.

This is a very cool technology. If this works, then the number of articles that can be posted is virtually unlimited.

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